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Back in July 2011, when I started Beachouse Baking Company with only my PMS Bars, I didn’t know if I would even sell any. I have since sold thousands of PMS Bars, traditional and gluten free baking mixes and gluten free chocolate Yummies and it’s been wonderful! I want to thank all of my customers for your continued support! Thank you!

In this blog we will discuss baking and cooking, with a focus on food allergies, healthier eating, lots of recipes using my mixes and easy recipes you can make from scratch, quick meal prep, food in the news, farmers markets and festivals and some fun diversions like gardening and of course, the beach! Hey, I’m a Gemini, I can’t stick to just one subject!

The best part of selling at farmers markets and festivals is speaking directly with so many people about baking and food and quite often food allergy issues. Whether you have no food allergies at all, or are looking for a quick chocolate fix without nuts, or a gooey vegan dessert to make, or if you are transitioning to a gluten free diet, there’s so much to talk about!

My years (ok, decades) of baking professionally and living with my own food allergies and sensitivities, has given me a wealth of knowledge and experience that I’m happy to share with my customers and readers. Let me know what you want to talk about. I look forward to hearing from you, so drop by often and see what’s up at the Beachouse!


Laura Bailey
Beachouse Baking Company
Lakeville, Massachusetts



  1. Julianne Chlodnicki

    Hi Laura,
    I am the Program Manager of the Kogan Celiac Center in NJ and I ordered a bunch of your GF corn bread mix. I hold a Support group for people with Gluten Sensitivities and I made this GF Corn bread for them. They absolutely loved it!!! as I did!
    I am looking forward to ordering more products, including more GF corn Bread, and trying more of your GF Products.
    I would love to get your cards, info flyers…to share with my GF members and patients.
    Thank you so much

  2. Anne

    Hello Laura,
    Friends bought me a package of your gluten free Blueberry Buckle mix, it was FANTASTIC!!! We really loved it!!! I am a recent member to the gluten free club, so it has been quite a learning experience!!! I am so excited to know that there are products like yours out there for me. I do not have to “give up” any of the yummy things in life!!! We cannot wait to try some of your other gluten free mixes!!!!
    THANK YOU!!!

    1. laura

      Hi Anne,
      Wow, so glad you liked the GF Blueberry Buckle mix! I appreciate your feedback. I am also gluten free. I have about 24 gluten free baking mixes now and a few new ones that I am working on. It’s fun to experiment with new recipe ideas. My husband is my official taste tester, making sure everything tastes awesome before it becomes a new baking mix. Thanks again for your comments. Click on the STORE link to see all of our gluten free baking mixes. – Laura

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