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Did anyone catch the recent episode of Ask This Old House on microgreens? Tim Smith of “We Grow Microgreens,” in Roslindale, MA, demonstrates how he grows microgreens (similar to sprouts) in his greenhouse off his home kitchen.

Watch the Ask This Old House video here

Microgreens are tender, edible seedlings of vegetables and herbs that provide approximately five times more vitamins and carotenoids than the mature plant. That’s a powerhouse of nutrition in a small amount of food!

Tim Smith and his partner Lisa Evans are fellow vendors at the Milton Farmers Market. Lisa and I swap her microgreens for my gluten free Chocolate Yummies (a truffle cookie in 3 flavors).

Years ago, my sister got me hooked on sprouts. She would bring toasted bagels with her homemade tofu spread topped with sprouts to our little picnics at our favorite spot out on the cliffs overlooking the ocean at my aunt and uncle’s beach house in York Beach, Maine.

Microgreens are similar to sprouts, except they are grown in organic soil, so you eat just the stems and leaves, whereas sprouts are grown in water and you eat the leaves and roots. I use them in place of lettuce in wraps and sandwiches, which adds a lot more flavor and packs much more nutrition.

I also put them in salads and use them as a garnish for soups. This is a gluten free wrap of tuna fish topped with radish and broccoli microgreens. Yum!

Microgreens offer an easy way to add mega nutrition to your favorite foods. Bored with the same old sandwich for lunch? Add a handful of microgreens.

Check out their website for more information and to see where you can buy microgreens near you or find Tim and Lisa at a local farmers market.

Photos courtesy of WeGrowMicrogreens.com



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